You'll Never Believe Which Rapper Has a Home Accessories Line

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The one and only Snoop Dogg has launched a very limited-edition line of scented candles available through Tilt. The candles are known as the Broadus Family Collection, and are available in White Rose and Baby Powder scents. Made of natural coconut wax and featuring wooden wicks designed to crackle like a fireplace, the candles are clean-burning and made with three times the normal amount of fragrance used in boutique scented candle brands.

"I wanted to create somethn that everyone can enjoy—one that smells clean n fresh (Baby Powder) n somethn that the ladies would appreciate (White Rose)," says the artist, who is a fan of creating ambiance. "I always get the mood rite wherever I'm at whether I'm recordn n the studio or puttn 1 n the air," Snoop says. Only 500 of the candles—which go for $42 each—are available, so you better move fast.

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