The World’s Most Expensive Tea Machine is a Very Fancy Vacuum

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What makes the perfect cup of tea? According to the makers of the Bkon Craft Brewer, it is something called “reverse atmospheric infusion.” The technology works by applying negative pressure (a vacuum) to a chamber full of water and tea to extract flavors at precise, lower temperatures.

Its creators must be on to something. Over the weekend, Bkon won a best new product award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (these are the guys who founded the World Barista Championship). You can sample some Bkon-infused tea if you are lucky enough to live in New York (Teavana, Counter Culture), Seattle (Teavana), Los Angeles (American Tea Room) or Chicago (Metropolis Coffee). Otherwise, you can preorder a machine. It will set you back only about $13,000 according to the Sprudge.

We should note that the device is not merely for tea-totalers. The vacuum technology works on any liquid placed into the chamber, so you could make infused spirits at the push of a button.

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