Watch This Wacky Scientist Turn a Jägerbomb Into a Real One

By FWx Editors |

Sir Martyn Poliakoff is a scientist. He also doesn’t seem to be much of a party animal. The British chemist and host of the online video series Periodic Videos has never heard of Jägerbomb. He also, apparently has never heard of, in his words, “so-called shot glasses.”  You would think that after spending his entire adult life at different colleges he would have figured those things out by now. But he does know chemistry, so, perhaps because he’s considering a sabbatical soon, he decided to use a so-called shot glass and a little potassium to turn a Jägerbomb into a real bomb.

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He dropped a shot of Jägermeister with a bit of metal stuck to the bottom into a beaker of Red Bull and the results were…undrinkably explosive. Poliakoff’s hypothesis is that the explosion occurred because of a reaction between potassium and water in the Red Bull, so the actual ingredients in the Jägerbomb have little to do with the explosion. But it should still serve as a cautionary tale: If you’re going to get drunk at a bar, leave your alkaline metals at home.