Watch the Impressive Construction of a Corn Maze

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In the parts of America where corn grows abundantly, corn mazes are practically an art form. And though it’s not quite corn maze season yet, maze owners want to start prepping their fields in advance before the stalks are fully grown, meaning construction on many mazes is probably going on right now. You didn’t think they just went out and mowed them the day before you came, did you?

Dull’s Tree Farm in Thorntown, Indiana, recently published the video above showing just what it takes to build a monster maze. Using a drone – technology our corn maze forefathers could have only dreamed of— they filmed the entire process from far above the field.

It’s pretty cool to watch, though I’ll be honest: this particular maze doesn’t look that hard. I want to feel like I am going to die out there, Dull’s. That’s the best part!

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