There Is a Very Good Reason Alan Rickman Is Narrating This Video of a Tortoise and Strawberry

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Alan Rickman is still affecting the world. Though I’m sure the beloved actor’s passing last week inspired plenty of rewatching of the Harry Potter movies and certainly left more people rooting for the bad guys while viewing Die Hard than ever before, it spawned another phenomenon, sparking interest in a short video the actor narrated late last year for a good cause.

If you haven’t seen a YouTube video of a baby tortoise gnawing on a piece of fruit, you haven’t spent enough time on the Internet. But adding an Alan Rickman voiceover to such a video provides a level of contrasting gravitas that turns it into something truly irresistible.

But Rickman didn’t simply lend his voice to the project because he’s always dreamed of hosting America’s Funniest Videos. Instead, all the advertising revenue from the video will be given to two charities: Save the Children and Refugee Council. Unsurprisingly, since the actor’s death, views of the video have exploded from the thousands to the millions.

As a result, by paying tribute to Rickman people can help out others. It’s pretty cool, really. I bet David Bowie and Glenn Frey would be proud.

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