Supermarket Sweep’s Gross Secret

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If you stayed home sick from school during the ‘90s you definitely watched a few episodes of Supermarket Sweep. For those of you with better attendance records, Supermarket Sweep was a game show that sent contestants sprinting through a grocery store, loading carts with 20 pound hams and whatever else they could carry, with the goal of spending as much money as they could.

The show went through a few iterations, but during the ‘90s David Ruprecht was the host, and YouTube channel Great Big Story tracked him down and got him to reveal some not so savory details about his time filming the show.

“We shot about five months, six months every year,” said Ruprecht. “And they used the same food over and over again. After about the third month the hot dogs started to ferment in the package…” So for anyone left wondering, no, contestants weren’t taking home any food they grabbed on the show.

We don’t know why Ruprecht is making such a big deal about it though. Not changing the food for five months sounds pretty normal for the bodegas around here.

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