Italian Food and British Comedy Collide in ‘The Trip to Italy,’ in Theaters Tomorrow

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The Trip to Italy hits American theaters tomorrow, starring comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan as the slightly pushier and more offensive versions of themselves they played in 2010’s The Trip.

In the original, the duo tour restaurants in northern England for a review on British food. In this sequel, they visit elite restaurants around Italy to research a second article. If watching a pair of comedians drive around and eat doesn’t sound like fun to you, you’ve obviously never listened to Coogan and Brydon banter. Their extended conversations are a welcome change from stuff blowing up in summer blockbusters.

Most importantly though, the impressions are back. Rob Brydon is probably Great Britain’s premiere Al Pacin-ist, his Michael Bublé is excellent and his Sean Connery could convert the most steadfast Darrell Hammond fan. And then there is, of course, Michael Caine.

If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and stream The Trip on Netflix. Then go grab a ticket for the sequel.

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