This Interactive Map Tracks What Beers Are Most Popular Using Twitter

© New Maps Plus and FloatingSheep

Twitter isn’t just a way for your hacky jokes to get lost in the ether. It also produces a massive amount of potentially useful data.

And that data is how we got Beer Tweets – a project from the University of Kentucky’s New Maps Plus program that pulls geolocated tweets from the huge collection in FloatingSheep’s DOLLY Project and uses that information to map the popularity of different brews and brew-related terms.

Users can battle “Bud Light” against “India Pale Ale” and see that places like Washington, Oregon, Colorado and the California coast are far more likely to favor IPAs than places like Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri where, unsurprisingly, Bud Light is more prevalent.

Though the interactive map is fun and informative, it currently only covers about 50 different beers and beer terms. It’s especially light on brand names. But if you’re looking to kill a little time, Beer Tweets will help get you through until you crack the day’s first brew. You can try the interactive yourself here.

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