Hello Kitty to Beam Messages from Space!

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As part of a $40 million project organized by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science to get young people excited about exploring the universe, Hello Kitty has been launched into the sky on a satellite. Through August 25, fans can submit messages that the astrocat will beam out into the farthest reaches of our galaxy.

Well, if not the cat herself, then a Japanese engineer who is probably a big fan. One message of 180 characters or less will be broadcast every day from the satellite between August 26 and September 8. If you want to send a message or, you know, just discuss your love of Hello Kitty on a message board you can click on over to the website.

The mission has been successful so far, but let’s hope Hello Kitty fares a little better than Laika, the original space dog, or Russia's similarly ill-fated sex geckos.

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