This Floating Bar on a Coral Reef Should Make Your Bucket List

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Where will you be getting drinks this weekend? If you didn’t answer “on a floating bar in Fiji,” you could clearly be having a better weekend. We would like to introduce you to Cloud 9.

The bar is about 15 miles or a 45-minute boat ride from Port Denarau in western Fiji. And according to the bar’s website, they’ve got a fully stocked bar and some decidedly non-Fijian cuisine—wood-fired pizzas—if you get hungry after your snorkel trip to the coral reef. Oh, did we not mention that the bar sits right next to the Ro Ro Coral Reef?

And accommodating 100 increasingly inebriated people near a delicate ecosystem seems like it could be dangerous for the environment, so the bar also takes special care to avoid harming it. Cloud 9 joined up with South Pacific activists at the Mamanuca Environment Society to get all the waste off the floating bar and make good use of it as compost back on land.

If you don’t hear from us for the next few days, it’s probably because we’re having a Dark and Stormy in the middle of the ocean.

[h/t Elite Daily]

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