An Exclusive Sh*t Rough Draft from The Walking Dead

Paul Laudiero

Did we find some missing lines from Rick Grimes? Not quite. The above snapshot is one of the latest additions to the fantastic compendium of imagined writing mistakes, Sh*t Rough Drafts. From Game of Thrones to Scandal to the Bible, Paul Laudiero’s award-winning Tumblr offers evidence that Ernest Hemingway was right: The first draft of anything is sh*t.

That said, Rick G. could be a secret cannibal on The Walking Dead, we’re really not sure. Maybe that will be the big reveal in October’s season premiere. If you want more Sh*t Rough Drafts, snag the new book or check out Laudiero’s series for SundanceTV’s The Writer’s Room. Spoiler: Frank Underwood is really into sharks.

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