Cooking Segments Like This Are Just One Reason to Bring Back Reading Rainbow

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If, like us, you were a child between the years of 1983 and 2006, you got to watch LeVar Burton teach you about reading and being an upstanding human being on Reading Rainbow. We’re getting nostalgic just thinking about it. But since ’06 there have been far fewer kids taking a look because it’s in a book. According to a terrifying statistic from the Begin to Read campaign, a full 25 percent of American children will grow up to illiterate. But Burton is back to change all that with—what else?—a Kickstarter. The goal is ambitious—he needs to raise one million dollars. But with 34 days to go, he's already halfway there. In fact, in the time it took to write this they picked up almost $200,000 in donations. If Burton succeeds, butterflies will be flying high once again as Reading Rainbow returns as a full-fledged online program available free to schools all over America. LeVar says this round of funding will get the show and learning materials into more than 1,500 classrooms, and from there he hopes to go at least twice as high (yes we know the whole theme song and so do you, stop pretending you don’t). Head over to Kickstarter to help bring the Rainbow back and until then reminisce with this clip of LeVar learning how to bake Challah with a genuine Jewish Bubbe.

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