9 Ways to Tell People Where to Sit this Thanksgiving


This piece originally appeared on Domainehome.com.

Setting a perfect dinner table is an art form. Not only do you have to arrange florals, mix and match serveware, and set the mood with lighting, but you also have to create a strategic seating plan. You may be lucky enough to have dinner guests that don’t need arranging, but if you’re like most people, you won’t want to sit your mother-in-law next to your inappropriate brother, for example. Ensure lively conversation (and no awkward interactions) by giving your guests a subtle seating suggestion. Take your pick from the best place card holders money can buy.

1. Tamawa Bakelite Place Card Holder (set of 4) ($125)

2. Williams-Sonoma Dome Place Card Holders ($20)

3. BHLDN Bunny Place Card Holders (set of 6) ($28)

4. Sur la Table Slate Place Cards ($12)

5. Nate Berkus Lion Place Card Holders ($10)

6. Terrain Owl Placecard Holders ($24)

7. Crate & Barrel Stump Placecard Holder ($4)

8. Jonathan Adler Brass Mr. & Mrs. Muse Place Card Holders (set of 4) ($98)

9. Pottery Barn Caterer's 12 Piece Napkin Ring/Place Card Holder Set ($23)

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