Shelter Dogs Go to Starbucks to Meet People, Just Like Us

Courtesy of Molly Clark/Kitsap Humane Society

It’s hard meeting people in the city. If you’re on the prowl for somebody to spend your life with, the prospect that that person might be anywhere can be overwhelming. So cozying to up to a friendly face in line while waiting for your latte can’t hurt because, hey, Starbucks just might be the place you meet the love of your life! Oh, but I’m not talking about dating. I’m talking about dogs. The shelter dog of your dreams could be hanging out where you grab your morning coffee thanks to groups like the Kitsap Humane Society which started bringing adoptable dogs to the Silverdale, WA outlet of coffee chain to meet potential owners.


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Every Tuesday a volunteer from the shelter has been brining a lucky pooch to enjoy a Puppachino and pal around with customers who could be their new best friend. The Starbucks location also posts fliers of the dogs in their store so local folks can see the cute canines available throughout the week. So who knows? Next time you get a craving for a peppermint mocha, you just might end up coming coming home with a perfectly lovable mutt.


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