Musician Plays Incredible Music On a Piano Made from Chopsticks

If I said someone was playing the chopsticks like an instrument, you almost immediately think drums, right? Who hasn’t childishly banged out an awesome chopstick drum solo on the soy sauce containers after a little too much sake? Personally, I always like to go with a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick.” (And trust me, I nail it every time.) But the clever and talented musician and instrument maker Sami Elu recently showed off an entirely different musical use for chopsticks: a self-designed instrument he calls a “chopstick piano" (not to be confused with playing "Chopsticks" on a regular piano).


Earlier this week, the Tokyo-based performer posted a new YouTube video of an original composition he played on the unconventional instrument that makes a variety of sounds, including from keys that cause repurposed chopsticks to strike strings similar to the mechanics of a piano. He also uses a separate chopstick to pluck strings on the side of the chopstick piano in an area that looks more akin to a harp or dulcimer.

As Mashable points out, Elu’s actually been screwing around with his crazy chopstick piano invention for years. According to a Time Out Tokyo article from last year, it’s gone through at least four different iterations. Dude… Elu… When you order takeout online, just choose the eco-friendly option. That way you won’t feel so guilty about having to find a use for all those extra chopsticks they give you!

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