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FWx Artist of the Month: Mike Perry

Use #FWx and @foodandwine on Twitter to tell us which rising star artists, illustrators and designers you want to create doodles for the FWx logo. Also, there's no shame in nominating yourself. It'll be like the self-promotional, ego-boosting version of a Barbara Walters selfie.

© Mike Perry

When we decided to launch a brand that aims to be your virtual lifestyle sherpa, we knew we needed a logo to match the energy, attitude and style of the site. Without hesitation, we felt that Mike Perry was the designer for us. He's developed the genius concept of nude art parties ("Get Nude and Get Drawn"), created the typography for Amy Poehler's new comedy series, Broad City and found lots of inspiring success with cult brands like Nike and Urban Outfitters. Most importantly, Mike's electric compulsion to have fun is contagious.

© Mike Perry

He approaches projects from a signature, yet totally cerebral place. "I geek out and pretend that I'm developing space, like a little kid imaging what the universe is like. I allow myself to make a lot of mistakes," Mike says. "I do something that destroys that original composition so I don't get lazy." Even for the miniature artworks (above) that he created for the FWx logo, Mike managed to use an impressive mix of media, including spray paint, watercolor, gouache, pencil and ink. "When you start to make stuff and don't have any idea where it's going, the act of making determines what it is." Plus, "Art supplies are my favorite."

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