Cacio e Pepe Fritelle - the Cheesy, Fried Creation You've Been Craving

Chances are you’ve heard of Lilia because of its amazing Chef - Missy Robbins - or its gorgeous looking malfadini that Robbins calls buttered pasta for adults. But before you sit down to a delicious bowl of pasta, we recommend you start with the Cacio e Pepe Fritelle. These are basically fancy fried cheese balls and we love them. The dough is similar to a gougère but rather than bake them off, Chef drops the cheese balls into the fryer. In her dough she uses pecorino cheese along with both fresh and aged asiago and lots of fresh cracked black pepper. The result is a pillowy, goey center with a crunchy exterior and a heat from the cracked black pepper that’s dusted on the outside after the fry.

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