This Is Your Brain On Coffee

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This post came to fruition thanks to a cup of coffee kept within arm’s reach. It’s a phenomenon workers can relate to in any industry. Coffee can give you that added boost you need to get through the day, whether you’re an open-heart surgeon or a Starbucks barista.

But behind the latte (I think I just invented a great VH1 show!) lurks the often-tacit truth – coffee’s kick comes from caffeine… a drug! (Albeit, probably the most legal and widely used one on the planet.)

Learn to Sniff Your Coffee Like a Pro

Sure, no one is chugging macchiato to better enjoy a Diplo concert (unless they’re really sleepy), but coffee’s main stimulant, which is found in chocolate and Diet Pepsi alike, does affect your brain chemistry. You can even overdose on coffee (though, as the video above shows, it would take around 70 cups shotgunned through a funnel).

Understand Coffee’s Aftertaste by Eating Chocolate

As usual, ASAP Science has done a wonderful job boiling down the details of how coffee affects your brain into a fun piece of informative animation. Just be careful: This could serve as a gateway video to watching other informative videos.

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