Your Black Tap Milkshake Fix Will Help Fund Cancer Research This Month

Courtesy of Black Tap

For the rest of this month you can consume mass calories for a cause. The makers of terrifyingly gargantuan milkshakes at Black Tap in New York (for the uninitiated, those are the milk shakes with entire red velvet cakes sticking out the top) teamed up with Cookies for Kids Cancer to raise funds for research into more effective pediatric cancer treatments. Cookies for Kids Cancer has sold cookies, hosted bake sales and other events, since 2008, funding nearly $8 million in grants since 2008.

And for September 10 percent of the proceeds from Black Tap’s sales of the Cookie Shake will go to CFKC. And because no mention of Black Tap milkshakes would be complete without a lineup of Instagram food porn, here is what you get for your donation this month:

A photo posted by Jordan Staggs (@jojomonster12) on

Get your Cookie Shakes at either of Black Tap’s locations, in SoHo or the Meatpacking district

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