You Can Send Your Friends Messages on Jars of Nutella

Everyone with functioning taste buds loves Nutella, and now French consumers have a new way to show the world just how much—so long as they don’t use the word “fatso.” The company has a new online app and marketing campaign called Say It With Nutella, which allows users to put personalized labels onto jars of Nutella and share pictures on social media.

The campaign was running smoothly until some tech-savvy users pulled up the app’s source code and found a lengthy list of banned words, such as “lesbian,” “Jewish” and “genocide.” In a public statement, Nutella’s parent company, Ferrero, explained that it blocked words that could be potentially used to promote hate speech. It’s actually quite sensible. France has some of the strongest anti-hate speech laws in the world.

However, the company also removed what seems less hateful than just insulting. We weren’t kidding, you really can’t use the word “fatso.” But you can play around with the app on the Say It With Nutella website. Just remember what your kindergarten teacher used to tell you: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t put it on a jar of hazelnut spread.

Here's a few that the FWx team created:

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