Would You Be Interested in Gin and Tonic Ice Cream (Even If It Can’t Get You Drunk)?

© Lucas Allen

Two English companies have teamed up to turn a classic cocktail into an ice cream treat. Starting this month, the British can buy a new brand of gin and tonic-flavored ice cream.

The Telegraph reports that making booze-inspired ice creams can be harder than it sounds because alcohol’s freezing point is so low. To circumvent this chemistry conundrum, the new ice cream – a collaboration between London gin distillery Sipsmith and Jude’s ice cream in Hampshire – only uses the botanicals of Sipsmith London Dry gin: juniper berries, citrus peel, licorice root, ground almonds, etc. Add to that a bit of tonic water and a little lemon, and gin and tonic ice cream is born.

Early reviews are solid: “We've all had gin and tonic sorbet before, but ice cream is a slightly more unusual gamble for the flavor profile,” said the Telegraph. “The verdict? An intensely rich and creamy base, spiked with a subtly sour juniper tang. Mouth-watering.”

And you can trust their review is authentic, because without any alcohol, they certainly weren’t buzzed. Unless, of course, they washed their ice cream down with a real gin and tonic.

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