Would the Promise of Free Chocolate Make You Work Out Harder?

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Finding the motivation to work out is tough guys. You know what would make it much easier? Chocolate. And the Internet of Things can now reward those of us with a commitment to fitness with our very own 3-D printed dessert as a reward.

For its EdiPulse project, Exertion Games Labs, an Australian research outfit dedicated to “designing better interactive experiences,” puts a heart rate monitor on people as they work out. They then connect that heart rate monitor to a 3-D printer and, depending on how hard and for how long the person exercises, the printer makes chocolate that rewards them accordingly. A higher heart rate results in more chocolate. EGL also programmed the printer to make chocolate emojis; longer sessions produce smiley faces and shorter workouts produce progressively sadder ones. We’re not sure that’s the best strategy, as it seems like lazy people are just as likely to eat a sad looking piece of chocolate as they are a happy one, but we give EGL points for creativity.

EGL is planning a three-week study to see how the technology affects exercise. Then who knows, maybe you can earn yourself some 3-D printed chocolate at Crunch.

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