A Woman Won Free Pizza For a Year and Donated It to a Homeless Youth Shelter

© Alex Wong/Getty Images

Bless this woman’s heart, because we’re not entirely sure we’d be willing and able to part with a year’s worth of free pizza.

Hannah Spooner, 19, is doing her best Pope impression in Detroit after she decided to donate her $500 worth of free Little Caesar’s to the homeless youth facility Covenant House Michigan.


"I just lost a lot of weight, I wasn't trying to eat a lot of pizza," she joked with Inside Edition. "Detroit is going through a lot of negativity. I wanted somewhere close to home that would be affected by my donation."

Spooner won the enviable prize through a drawing at her local chain. She immediately thought of finding a way to benefit the community and narrowed her focus on helping children.

"I could tell it would actually make a difference," she said. "I would actually see people who benefitted from it."

Considering there's nothing more exciting than a pizza party, this thoughtful and delicious gesture will certainly go a long way. May we all strive to be more like Spooner!

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