Why Haven't We Been Eating Our Froot Loops Out of a an Oreo and Froot Loop Bowl All Along?

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Some DIY projects are do-it-yourself because they are fun little crafts that are a good way to kill some time. Others are do-it-“yourself” because no reputable person would do it for you. Cereal bowls created out of Oreos, chocolate chips and butter are probably closer to the latter than the former.

The YouTube channel Cake StepByStep recently showed off this wild creation using crumbled up Oreos and butter as the base of an edible bowl. An inside layer of melted-then-cooled chocolate chips keeps the cookie-based bowl from being too porous. From there, Froot Loops are used to add some colorful flare to the outside, but since the Oreo bowl holds milk, you can also use it to serve up a Froot Loop breakfast.

It looks like a fun project to try with your kids, especially if you want to teach them the very important lesson that creativity can be used for evil instead of good.

[h/t Foodiggity]

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