We Could Eat the Medio Dia for Lunch Every Day

© El Super Pan

Fans of the Cubano may have encountered the medianoche — a similar pork-ham-Swiss-pickles sandwich, but served on a rich eggy bread. Our new favorite variation on the theme? The “Medio Dia” — that’d be midday, rather than midnight — at El Super Pan, the Latino sandwich bar at Atlanta’s Ponce City Market.

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Chef Hector Santiago first opened his sandwich shop as a pop-up out of restaurant Pura Vida, before spinning it off into El Super Pan. The Medio Dia has been a signature at both—adobo roasted pork, chicharron, clove ham, Swiss cheese, chayote pickles, and pineapple habanero mustard. (What’s not to love?)

The bread: Chef Santiago worked to develop the submarine rolls baked by local favorite H&F Bread Co — made with eggs and butter to be rich and just a little sweet.

The filling: Adobo-roasted pork shoulder and clove ham form the backbone, plus Swiss cheese. To that, Santiago adds chicharron for a piggy crunch, chayote pickles, and a habanero-pineapple mustard that brightens the whole thing up.

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