A Very Beefed Up Benedict Brunch in Texas

By Carey Jones |

Where: Little Red Wasp, Fort Worth, TX

What: Eggs Benedict is a classy dish but it’s also a verified hangover-annihilator, with the carb-meat-egg combo we all love at brunch. But chef Blaine Staniford at the Little Red Wasp goes one better—swapping out the traditional ham for pile of slow-braised short rib. A housemade Tillamook cheddar biscuit supports this behemoth, with two poached eggs and Hollandaise to top. Tweaking a classic dish to incorporate as much beef as possible? Sounds like Texas.

Wash it down with: You'll want something with a bite to go along with that short rib, so consider the Little Red Wasp, made with reposado tequila, red bell pepper puree, mint, lemon, and jalapeño honey.

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