The Truth about Goat Testicles, Alligator Claws and More from the Explorers Club

Sabrina Hampton

On Saturday I had the privilege of attending the annual Explorers Club Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria. It is like the Oscars, except instead of honoring people who went to space with a green screen it honors the people who went to space with an actual rocket. The first people to reach the North Pole, the top of Mount Everest and the moon? All members of the Explorers Club. (Buzz Aldrin, by the way, looked smashing in his shiny metal bow tie that I assume was made from part of the moon. Oh, if only E! could have been there with the Glam Cam®.) The dinner brings together an amazing, inspiring and intimidating group of people, and it also brings together an amazing, inspiring and intimidating group of appetizers.

In keeping with its mission of pushing the boundaries of the human experience, the Explorers Club knows how to organize an aggressive buffet. Here is your list of do’s and do not’s from an Explorers cocktail hour:

Alligator Feet: Do

Depending on where you live, alligator may actually be available in the stores you frequent. This was a little different because the skin was still on and the claws were attached, but the meat was absolutely delicious.

Muskrat: Do

Muskrat is gamey, which is what you would expect from a big rodent. But if you’re the kind of person who goes for dark meat at Thanksgiving, this could be your new meat.

Wormzels: Do Not

These worm pretzels have been around for several years. To be honest, they didn’t really taste like much. If all I can taste is the mustard I dipped them in, I’ll just stick with the classic.

Goat Testicles: Do Not!!!

Again, the only thing that saved the goat balls was the mustard they were covered in. It was sort of like eating a sliced up racquetball covered in a mountain bike tire.

Spleen: Do

Internal organs get a bad rap for looking and feeling, well, like internal organs. But the spleen had a wonderfully smooth texture and mellow taste.

Scorpion: Do

They were giving out chocolate-covered scorpions to take home. I had it with lunch today. It was spicy and my colleague says the ants she ate as a kid were also spicy. Some of the world’s hottest peppers are named after scorpions, but this wasn’t that spicy.

If you want to know more about what they're doing when they aren't eating unusual parts of animals check them out here.

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