For Those of You Bored with St. Patrick's Day Traditions, There's the Corned Beef Burrito

© Brian Samuels

Ireland is not exactly known for its burritos, but on St. Patrick’s Day, Boston-area favorite Anna’s Taqueria is going all Irish — with the Corned Beef Burrito.

It may be a little unorthodox, but what are burritos, really, other than happy rolls of meat-and-vegetable fillings? And on St. Paddy’s, corned beef definitely fits the bill. Anna’s rolls up corned beef, steamed cabbage and carrots along with their staple beans and rice. Served with Anna’s hot sauce… along with mustard. The choice is yours.

Now, if only it were offered the day after St. Patrick’s Day, it’d be the ultimate hangover cure after a few too many Guinness pints. As it is, we’ll be grabbing one to fortify ourselves before the festivities commence.

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