These Food-Inspired Proposals Define Every Foodie’s Relationship Goals

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Jen Angel

Food proposals are the children of chick flicks and delicious snacks. Since food is already included, you don’t even have to munch on anything as you bask in the love (but you still totally can). Check out these tasty proposals that’ll make your heart go pitter-patter – and your mouth salivate.

Grab some tissues and feast your eyes, folks.

The “That’s Not What I Ordered” Proposal

By now you’ve probably heard about Sprinkle’s legendary cupcake ATM. This romantic mastermind took the ATM to new levels by sticking his fiancé’s ring in one of the dessert boxes. So brilliant and so sweet. I just hope she got her cupcake, too, ya know? Check out the full video here.

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The Coffee Addict’s Proposal

This guy realized how important Starbucks was to his girlfriend, so he made sure it was the backdrop for the most important question of her life. He stood in the drive-thru line to usher her in and even donned the famous green apron for the occasion. Now that’s real love – with cream, sugar and two pumps of caramel. See the video here.

The “Every Girl’s Dream” Proposal

Jordan (the boyfriend) serenades his love in a classy Italian restaurant with the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. He’s on the guitar, but there are also violins. Swoon.

She gets a song, a gorgeous ring and pasta all in one night. You can’t tell me you haven’t had this dream before. See the whole shebang here.

The Drive-Thru Proposal

There’s just no other name for a proposal like this. His lady told him she wanted something unique, and boy did she get it. When his love pulls up to the window, he wastes no time letting her know that she won’t be getting any fast food.

Quick, surprising and to the point. And he actually says, “Your total comes to I love you.” What a guy. See the full proposal here.

The “Chipotle is Bae” Proposal

She probably thought the guac was going to be the best part of her day. I may have given you leeway on the Italian restaurant thing, but you have definitely thought about this before. Who doesn’t want her man to stand up on a chair and announce his love for you in the presence of other Chipotle addicts– and then propose?

This guy has his head on right, that’s for sure. Check out the complete version here.

Original post by Emma Shellhamer for Spoon University. See even more food proposals here.

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