Steak, Eggs and a Skillet at Tasty n Sons

© David L Reamer

Where: Tasty n Sons; Portland, OR

What: The ever-changing menu at Portland’s popular Tasty n Sons gives a hung-over eater plenty to choose from: polenta and sausage ragù, a fried egg and cheddar biscuit, or the Malaysian noodle soup curry mee.

All are respectable options, but if you need something truly substantial, it’s the Steak n Eggs we recommend. What sets it apart from a million mediocre versions you’ve had before? There’s the beautifully cooked steak itself, the softly scrambled eggs—and the fact that it all comes atop a cornmeal pancake baked into the bottom of this skillet, along with jalapeño butter to lend the whole thing a little sweet heat.

To drink: You’ve got five Bloodies to choose from, whether it’s a traditional vodka-horseradish version or a tequila-mezcal-chipotle, or make it a Tasty Jerk with house-made beef jerky as a garnish.

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