Sheep Cafés Are the Real Animal Cafés You’ve Been Waiting For

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First, there were cat cafés. Then, unsurprisingly, a couple of dog cafés were put into the works. Well, if that’s any indication of where things are headed, America’s next big obsession may be sheep cafés.

Of course, there’s a bit of a difference between snuggling up with household pets and drinking tea next to livestock. But since 2011, the Thanks to Nature café in Seoul has been successfully using a couple of sheep to lure in customers with its farm-to-near-your-table concept.

Business has been especially lucrative recently. Turns out, according to the lunar calendar, we’re about to enter the Year of the Sheep. Owner Lee Kwang-ho told The Independent his café is a great alternative for people looking to spend time with sheep by visiting a sheep ranch—though what activity isn’t a great alternative to visiting a sheep ranch?

But it’s not just locals who have taken to the sheep café. “I don't know how this place was known to the world, but I had visitors from all over the world coming to see my sheep, from Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, even some countries I don't know well,“ Lee said. Just goes to show you: Why spend a fortune on a fancy marketing plan when you can just grab a couple animals off the farm?

[h/t Neatorama]

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