This Seafood Sausage Sandwich Will Change Your Mind About Fish for Breakfast

Courtesy of Oceana

Where: Oceana, NYC

What it is: Seafood may not be the first thing you crave when feeling the physical ramifications from last nights' debauchery. But take the highest quality seafood (fresh halibut blended with house smoked salmon), blend with dill, chives and parsley and seafood sausage will change your mind. The housemade sausage at Oceana is layered with a fried egg and gooey swiss cheese all between super buttery, housemade toasted brioche. The combination will kick that deli fried egg sandwich (and your hangover) into the ocean.

Wash it down with: Take Bar Manager Dan McLaughlin's recommendation and sip on a spicy, citrusy Michelada.

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