Sculptor Carves Fantasy Characters Exclusively From Fruits and Vegetables

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Many of the world’s greatest sculptors were Italian. Michelangelo famously carved David. Donatello was Italian as well. And of course Leonardo da Vinci included sculpting among his many talents. Though all of these Italian masters are unquestionably legends, there’s one medium they never tackled: fruits and vegetables.

That’s where Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica stakes his claim to greatness. Though his countrymen of yore may have preferred marble and bronze, Fatica works with materials such as pumpkin, watermelon and potatoes. And whereas Michelangelo might have had a taste for sculpting—ahem—naked dudes, Fatica appeals to more modern sensibilities, especially gravitating toward fantasy character, mythical animals and other recognizable figures from pop culture.

On his YouTube channel, Ortolano Production, you can watch more than 30 videos of Fatica carving beautiful fruit and vegetable creations like a recent watermelon unicorn or, for all you Game of Thrones fans, a White Walker from a pumpkin.

Next time you’re in Italy, to hell with going to a stuffy old museum. Just hang out in the produce section and hope Valeriana Fatica shows up.

[h/t Laughing Squid]

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