Red Velvet for the Masses: Hostess Has a Red Velvet Cupcake for Valentine’s Day

© Hostess Brands LLC

Remember when Hostess was going out of business, and we all thought the Twinkie was doomed? Well, we’ve come a long way from those dire days just a couple short years ago. The new Hostess is confident enough that for 2015 they’re venturing into trendy, uncharted waters—albeit a bit late. Yes, they’re coming out with a red velvet cupcake.

For a limited time, Hostess is rolling out a special red velvet version of their signature CupCakes. According to the LA Times, these Valentine’s Day-themed creations “come filled with the traditional creamy filling and are topped with white icing and the signature squiggle in red.”

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Hostess certainly isn’t the first company to turn a well-known product into red velvet this year. After plenty of Internet hype, Oreo introduced a red velvet take on their classic sandwich cookies.

It’s all got many people wondering whether red velvet is making a move to become the official flavor of Valentine’s Day. Though, not so fast: Hostess also is unleashing what they are calling the Chocodile Twinkie—a chocolate-covered, cherry-filled Twinkie. Sounds like the real officially flavor of Valentine’s Day is “anything ridiculous the marketing department can come up with.”

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