Real-Life ‘Fruit Ninja’ Given the 'MythBusters’ Test

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"Fruit Ninja," the game where you samurai slash flying pieces of fruit, is a seriously addicting app. Hours upon hours spent, and now you are an expert. But as good as your fruit-slicing skills might be using your finger on your iPhone, have you ever wondered how well you would do with a real sword against real fruit in real life?

The show MythBusters recently decided to take on the challenge. Host Adam Savage was given the honors, in part because he is a trained swordsman.

The results are probably about what you’d expect: Though an expert virtual player, as well as a man who feels pretty comfortable using a sword, Savage had a far more difficult time attacking real fruit.

That said, he was no slouch. He did make some direct hits, and of course the show was able to capture them in slow motion. So give your fruit-slashing skills a break and watch this video instead.

[h/t Laughing Squid]

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