Watch this Meteorologist's Hilarious Reaction to his Colleague's Awful Artichoke Dip

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'Tis the season for delicious Christmas cookies, beautiful holiday spreads and questionably appetizing potluck dishes.

If you find yourself sampling the latter, we hope you don't share the same reaction as meteorologist Jordan Witzel from Canada's Global News.

Tasked with the brave duty of tasting host Leslie Norton's homemade artichoke dip on live television, Witzel could not keep his composure over its strong vinegar flavor. In fact, he literally gags and spits his bite into a wad of nearby wrapping paper. Although, in the most Canadian response of all time, while he was on the verge of throwing up he apologized for seeming rude.


The concoction, which Norton even describes as "something [that] went terribly wrong," features random ingredients like celery salt, orange juice and oregano. Needless to say, not even Santa would eat the hors d'oeuvre as a way to fatten up before the 24th.

Warning: esophaguses were harmed in the making of this hilarious video. Check it out above.

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