Pork and Brisket: Barbecue's Greatest Hits, Together at Last

By Carey Jones |

Courtesy of Maple Block Meat Co.

Barbecue sandwiches tend to be awesome for the simple reason that barbecue is awesome. Pile brisket onto bread or slap some pulled pork on a roll and only tasty things will result. But it takes some skill to pull off both those meats in a single hand-held(ish) stack.

At Maple Block Meat Co. in Culver City, CA, chef/pitmaster Adam Cole combines chopped pork and brisket for a beast of a sloppy meal dubbed the “Giant Sandwich.”

Cole grew up eating barbecue in North Carolina, Texas and Georgia, and worked as a whole-animal butcher, a chef, and a pitmaster. It’s safe to say he knows just about everything about every cut, every barbecue style and every technique. Here’s how he utilizes all that expertise in one sandwich.

The bread: Challah (from local Bellwood Bakery) can barely contain the crazy meat action here.

The filling: You’ve got sliced brisket, which supreme barbecue authority Daniel Vaughn of Texas Monthly called the “best in California.” You’ve got chopped pork, from long-smoked pork shoulder. And it’s all topped with creamy slaw, cucumber pickles, and the house fermented hot sauce — hot peppers salted, fermented, and blended with vinegar. (Try finding that at another barbecue joint.) 

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