Pac-Man Makers Getting into the Restaurant Game

Courtesy of Level 257

Remember those endless hours you spent playing Pac-Man when you were a kid? Now you can spend even more time with that little yellow circle. Namco Entertainment, the company that makes Pac-Man, is about to open up a restaurant called Level 257—named after a non-existent level in the classic arcade game (in the original version of Pac-Man, the game ends at level 256).

The restaurant/family fun center is set to open in January outside of Chicago. According to Grub Street, the 40,000-square-foot spot will include 16 bowling lanes, table tennis, pinball machines and, of course, arcade games.

“This is very much a serious restaurant,” David Bishop, the executive vice president of strategic development at Namco, was quoted as saying in Crain’s Chicago Business. “But there's obviously a game component. It's playing off the nostalgia of Pac-Man.

Next up, the sequel: Mrs. Level 257.

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