Never Struggle with Your Condiments Again, Thanks to a Completely Stick-Proof Bottle

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Here’s a condiment fact you probably never considered: We all waste 15 percent of our ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and, sadly, maybe even Sriracha. Sauces and dressings stick to their bottles, and we either throw them away before they are truly empty or let the condiments dry and crust around the caps and edges. But finally we are about to get technology to end this problem for good. An MIT professor and one of his graduate students started the company LiquiGlide in 2012 with a short video showing a ketchup bottle coated with a substance that allowed the ketchup to flow freely with just a slight tip. And just 10 days ago, Liquiglide received $7 million in funding, allowing it to firm up commercial partnerships that, according to the New York Times, will include a completely stick-proof mayonnaise jar sometime this year or early next year. From there, it is only a matter of time before your days of jiggling a knife around in a ketchup bottle or the unpleasant sounds of squeezing mustard are over. Next up: stain-proof shirts for those of us who still need a little practice handling LiquiGlide-coated bottles.

See how the company deals with mayo above.

The ketchup bottle that started it all for Liquiglide.

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