Mississippi's Big Bad Breakfast is Here to Do Battle with Your Hangover

City Grocery Group

From greasy spoon diners to upscale brunch hotspots, writer Carey Jones is on a quest to find America's best hangover cures.

Where: Big Bad Breakfast; Oxford, MS (with a second location soon to follow in Birmingham, AL)

What: The name says it all. The meals at John Currence’s can’t-miss daytime joint are huge. They’re all about eggs and ham and biscuits, and they’re all aggressively delicious. But we’re talking hangovers here, so when you’re really hurting, go for the Pylon. Listed on the menu itself as “a hangover’s worst enemy,” this chili dog comes on a waffle—yep, a breakfast waffle—with cheddar, slaw, chopped pickles, jalapeños and more. It’s a beast.

Or consider… It’s hard to single out just one hangover cure on BBB’s menu. If the Pylon’s too much to handle, you can’t go wrong with a Cathead (a from-scratch biscuit with your choice of breakfast meat and a slice of cheddar) or the masterful shrimp and grits.

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