The Meatball Cannon Is the Ultimate in Food Fight Heavy Artillery

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Middle school lunch just got a lot more firepower. The creators of the Science Channel show What Could Possibly Go Wrong? pieced together everyday hardware store materials to create a makeshift Gatling gun that shoots—wait for it—meatballs.

Hosts Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds describe the contraption as “a magic meat cannon that takes meatballs and shoots them, rapid-fire, into two pieces of bread.” The contraption consists of seven PCV barrels arranged inside a revolving, circular plywood frame. The cannon rests on a tripod stand and is fired using a hand crank system. A heavy-duty, 100-horsepower air compressor provides the juice that send these meatballs flying.

The meatball cannon scores big points on presentation, and if we were going to war in a cafeteria, there is no amount of money we wouldn’t pay for one. But it’s probably not the ideal way to put together a sub. We might stick to a slotted spoon.

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