McDonald’s France Adds ‘New York Street Food’ to the Menu and Proves the French Have Never Been to New York

What is your favorite New York street food? A sweet mustard hamburger? A chicken wrap? Potato chips? Wait, what street are we on again??

According to the French website FastandFood, for a limited time, McDonald’s in France is introducing a “New-York Street-Food” menu with “recipes from the Big Apple” and it contains literally none of your NYC favorites. What it does have is a McWrap Cheese, Chips, an Original Sweet Mustard burger, a Grilled Cheese and Bacon patty melt-type thing, and a box filled with Chicken McNuggets and chicken strips served with a side of bacon and onion sauce. Man, when was the last time you were walking down Broadway and didn’t see bacon and onion sauce?

Where are hotdogs? Where are the kebabs? Where the hell are the Nut 4 Nuts?? Apparently the only street the French McDonald’s team has been to in New York City was literally inside of a McDonald’s – and it was a McDonald’s with a weird menu.

On the bright side, McDonald’s France is promoting the new menu with a commercial I found pretty funny despite not understanding a lick of French.

Regardless, here’s something I never thought I’d tell New Yorkers: Don’t take your street food for granted! Turns out it’s not as easy to find a soft pretzel in other parts of the world as you may have thought.

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