Marc Forgione’s Fried Chicken Sandwich Is Our New Favorite

Fried chicken sandwiches are clearly having a moment and Chef Marc Forgione’s masterpiece of a sandwich at American Cut is not messing around. To start this sandwich comes on an insane homemade everything biscuit. It’s flaky, it’s buttery and it soaks up all the goodness of the toppings in the best way possible. Then there’s the thigh and breast meat that’s been left in a buttermilk, Tabasco soak, coated in flour and a special spice blend from Lior Lev Sercarz, and fried. Next up is the thai chili pink peppercorn honey that’s drizzled over the warm chicken along with tangy ranch dressing. Last but not least are the ultra vinegary pickles. This is a sandwich meant for two so bring a friend. Or just one really determined person. Either way, you need to have the sandwich immediately.

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