The Luther Shows Why Chicken and Doughnuts Do Mix

Courtesy of ChurchKey

Where: GBD; Washington, DC

What: The whole premise at GBD is fried chicken and doughnuts, so these crazy kids had the borderline-brilliant idea of sticking ’em together at brunch. The Luther starts with a fried brioche doughnut, glazed in maple-chicken jus, which is used to sandwich a fried boneless chicken thigh and slab bacon. It takes the whole salty-sweet concept to a new and terrifying level. There are fries, too, though if you need fries after this thing…

To drink: A $15 cup of the rotating Brunch Punch is either an excellent idea or a terrible one, depending on your constitution; we’ll let you be the judge. Or opt for the Muddy Blarry, with Tempranillo, orange juice and lemon juice in there with the usual tomato and horseradish.

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