LEGO-Shaped Buns Top These “Brick Burgers”

© Ekaterina Minaeva / Getty Images

LEGO fans have a new destination to put on their bucket list: Pasig, Philippines. That’s where you’ll find Brick Burger, a lunch spot for LEGO lovers of all ages. The Buns come in a variety of colors to top the eatery’s menu of signature sandwiches, which include classic, macaroni and cheese, and a Darth Burger in all black among its “10 Jaw-Dropping Variants!” The restaurant’s Facebook page says that “building toy blocks, passion with food and extreme creativity are what founded Brick Burger” and touts the restaurant's square patties.

When customers aren’t snapping shots of the burgers for Instagram, they can also play with actual bricks and check out the shop’s LEGO decor including some rare collector pieces. Not everything is LEGO-shaped, there are wings, hot dogs, pasta, soups and sundaes (with candy LEGO brick toppings, though), and even something called nacho fries, so, you know, that could be a reason to go in and of itself.

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