It Takes 2000-Degree Molten Copper to Destroy a Big Mac

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McDonald’s food has developed a reputation for being indestructible. Most of the tests for the fast food’s durability attempt to do away with burgers and nuggets via natural causes—waiting for them mold and rot. But YouTuber Tito4re decided to get a bit more aggressive. He poured molten copper, which, as he points out, has a melting point of 1984 degrees Fahrenheit, all over a Big Mac. Why did he do it? Pouring molten copper on stuff is sort of Tito4re’s thing. He also tried this “experiment” with an apple a coconut and a tennis ball to name a few.

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Surprisingly it takes the molten copper several minutes to really do the Big Mac in. But (spoiler alert), eventually the burger succumbs. You know what they say, play with 2000 degree metal, prepare to get burned.

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