Ina Garten and Michelle Obama Are Too Cute for Words in New 'Barefoot Contessa' Preview

© Taylor Hill/Paul Morigi/Getty Images

In adorable celebrities doing adorable things news, Ina Garten and First Lady Michelle Obama will sit down, sip tea and share vegetable tarts in a special episode of Barefoot Contessa (appropriately titled Barefoot in Washington).


The duo, who cozy up in the White House's State Dining Room, shower each other with compliments and praise in a newly-released clip.

"Thank you for your great work, the model that you set," Obama tells Garten.

“You’ve inspired girls all over the world, including me, so thank you,” Garten replies.

It's all just too precious to handle.

You can catch the episode on November 5 at 1 PM on Food Network. Until then, we'll just continue to live our lives of mediocrity and dream of the day when we can be as inspirational as these two.

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