Phoebe Melnick
June 22, 2017

There’s no doubt you’ve seen Ice & Vice all over your Instagram feed these past few months. They’re the New York shop known for their inventive flavors, insane stacking abilities, and delicious collaborations with other local cult favorites. Most recently they’ve been partnered with The Konery on incredible flavored cones and Underwest Donuts for their doughnut ice cream sandwiches. We stopped by and asked them to craft us two ice cream cones with whatever flavors their ice cream-filled hearts desired. What they made us were two of the most intense ice cream creations we’ve ever had. The first started with a coconut almond macaron Konery cone, a layer of tico time ice cream (pink guava, chili lime plantain chip), an Underwest doughnut filled with three scoops of foodbaby ice cream (concord grape, doughnut soil, raspberry coulis, rainbow sprinkles) topped with a final scoop of happy panda sorbet (forbidden black rice sorbet). And because that clearly wasn’t enough, we moved on to a second serving. This one had a dark chocolate chai Konery cone base topped with a scoop of milk money ice cream (toasted milk, sea salt, chocolate ganache) topped off with a housemade detention ice cream sandwich (malted vanilla, Mexican chocolate brownie, Fruity Pebble dust). Trust us, you need this ice cream in your life immediately.

Check out their stacking skills below.

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