How to Make Santa Sushi

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Most people don’t have a holiday sushi tradition—there’s something about fresh, raw fish that just doesn’t say white Christmas. But maybe that’s because we haven’t been shaping it quite right. We bet Christmas sushi would really take off if it were, say, shaped like Santa Claus. Well, everyone, we’re in luck. This how-to video of Christmas past from YouTube channel How to Make Sushi takes you through the step-by-step process of making a sushi roll shaped like everyone’s favorite non-existent (spoilers, kids) fat man. The roll is made of crab sticks, tuna, carrot and a litte pink sushi rice. It also takes more artistic knife work and a bit of creative sushi construction, but the result is undeniably festive.

The idea doesn’t seem to have hit the big time yet, but maybe that’s because in Japan they have Annual Gift Man instead of Santa.

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