How to Make Dessert Gnocchi

Gnocchi? Good. Dessert? Good. Together? Great. Clotilde, of the website, shared with me her recipe for Speculoos Gnocchi and I was immediately struck by how simple, inventive, and downright fun it is. In case you're not familiar with speculoos, they are spiced shortcrust biscuits (I think of them as little crisp cookies) and they are all the rage in Europe. They have also become popular in the United States as a cookie butter spread, which even Trader Joe's has begun mass producing. It is so delicious that it rivals Nutella as my favorite addicting, sweet treat spread.

Clotilde is French, so it's no wonder she gravitated toward re-inventing how speculoos can be eaten. For this recipe, she uses its original form, the cookie, and smashes it until its finely ground for the base of the dough. And just like that, the unlikely combination of speculoos and gnocchi was born!

Katie Quinn is a video journalist and food enthusiast who just graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. For videos of more of her unexpected recipes, follow her on YouTube at QKatie,

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